What do your clothes say about you?

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There is more than meets the eye when it comes to clothes. You can read more here about the different messages that you send to the world with your outfits.

What are you saying?

We live in a world where clothes are more than just a piece of fabric. It has become a way to send a message to people, a way to show something to the society. Sometimes we do not even think about what we are saying to the world. For that reason, let’s have a look at the secret meanings behind different attires. This is not a full list, but it will help you get a general idea.

Fancy and sophisticated

If you think about it, there are not that many occasions to wear a suit during daytime. If you see a man in a full-on suit in, let’s say, a bus, you will probably think that he is going somewhere where it is required to wear a suit. However, a suit during evening can make you look sophisticated, like you dress to impress. This will definitely catch attention of others and make them think that you wear a suitare worth keeping an eye on. Who does not want that?

A well-coordinated outfit

It is quite easy to spot a man who has a good sense of style.We are talking about colors, fabrics, and everything beyond. If you have all that covered, then do not forget tasteful accessories. No need to go extra because a stylish watch or a hat will do the trick. This will make people think of you as an interesting and smart person who cares about details.

You will look like a person who could have no difficulty in talking about the best Hemingway’s books, the latest art gallery openings or even about online casino game. A stylish person has no limits and is well-rounded. This is what any person should aspire to be like. Start looking for your lucky watch!

The world of sportswear

sportswearThis is where it gets a little bit tricky. Athleisure is now very trendy, but there are some exceptions. Nicely coordinated outfits are popular, but old, worn-out clothes are not. We all have seen people wearing sportswear who just look scary for some reason. This type of look will not give you the desired effect of appearing nice and polite, but can make people stand a bit further from you. Do not hide sneakers in your room. However, make sure that they go nicely with your look!

All black

Have you ever had the problem of your jeans not being the right shade of black to match your black shirt and your even more black shoes? Well, that actually happens quite often. There are many people who consider black to be their go-to color, but keep in mind that even colors have messages.

Black is known for portraying people as serious. If this is what you wanted, then you definitely succeeded with an all-black outfit. However, do not forget that you can always add just a bit of brighter colors into your outfit and look like you are straight from Paris Fashion Week. What could be better?


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