Shopping for Clothes For Men

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Here is the best news you will hear today. If you care about fashion, standing out nowadays is easy. Most people just don’t care.

But we want to make one thing clear. As we emphasized in the Guy Ritchie article, caring about your looks can not be superficial. You must choose a suit yourself. You must care otherwise it shows.

That’s the great thing about style – you choose what you like. But, of course, there are principles which will help you in any situation.


Shoes men broguesLet’s start from the bottom. If you want to cover the basics without overspending, you will need sneakers, boat shoes, brogues and a pair of tennis shoes and more.

Your brogues will serve you in most of the situations, whether you go with jeans or a more formal wear. Boat shoes, preferably black and brown, will do for most official gatherings, theatre, art galleries, etc.


Men PantsAs long as we are on the subject, there are some pants you must have in your wardrobe. Jeans, however, is a tricky one. They are comfy but if you can, you should avoid jeans as much as possible because whether you take live dealer casinos or meeting the president on a golf course, there is something more appropriate for almost any occasion.

But, if you insist, in addition to jeans you should still own are slimline joggers, cargo pants and chinos. This way you cover all bases from being active to being invited to a formal event.


Men ShirtsOK, let’s just say that it is time to move on from funky T-shirts to clean shirts. For virtually any occasion. But beyond the style and the color, the key here is ironed out, clean and fitting shirt. You get that right and the world is yours.


Men fashion AccessoriesIf you take care of your wardrobe, the only thing you should remember about accessories is that moderation is key. Unless you are going to an Elton John lookalike competition, simplicity is your best bet when choosing any accessory.

Color wise try mostly matching it with your shoes.

In the end, it’s all about our choices. Picking stylish clothes and caring what you wear is not about being superficial. Whether you like it or not, you will be judged by the way you present yourself. 

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