An Example to Find in Guy Ritchie

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To reach any dream, it is important to have a person you look up to. For me, it’s Guy Richie.

This is a unique man. Absolutely no frickin’ doubt about it. I still can hardly believe that Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels  was his directorial debut.

But that’s beside the point.

I used to see Guy Richie only as a name once the credits started rolling. Fine, man. Well done. As I’m not a celebrity-news-following kind of a person, I did not know nor care much about who he was.

However, recently, Guy Ritchie appeared on Joe Rogans podcast  which blew me away. Not only I understand his movies much better now, I understand myself better.

 Chivalry is Not Dead

I am not talking about being a gentleman in the presence of women. Rather, being a man in the presence of yourself. Sort of what the Art of Manliness  does.

It’s hard to put everything in words. At least as eloquently, as Mr. Ritchie explained on the Rogan Podcast #956. As he was talking about his new movie, the origins story of King Arthur, he also related to the everyday man and the importance of ownership. No, not stuff.
I’ll let you listen yourself:

This may come to you as surprising as it did to me. After all, his movies, pretty much the only judgement source we have of Guy Ritchie, are often exploring lowlives, drug addicts, thugs and their problems. The man himself is not without a shadow. He is a high-school dropout, famously divorced Madonna in 2008, had admitted to doing drugs as well as once was arrested for assault.

Shouldn’t You Practice What you Preach?

To me, Ritchie remains an example and I disagree that the famous director is ‘faking it’. On the contrary, he only shows that a real man should own up to his mistakes. We all make them, but only a fool is blind to his own imperfection.

Like me, for example. I like a nice suit and a nice pair of boots. I enjoy imagining myself as a Don Draper-type character when I’m sipping on my 10-year old scotch. But I also sometimes delve into the world of no deposit free spins online, occasional pornography or binge-watching House of Cards. Not the image of a rich lifestyle I visualize.

Doesn’t mean I shouldn’t try. That’s why no matter how many times I will fail, I will not stop improving. That’s what I recommend to all.

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